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As you probably didn’t in fact notice I’ve been absent with posting.  I completely breezed by last week with nothing said.  This week has brought on many changes.  One of those changes is a brand new puppy.  His name is Scooter Joe and he came all the way out to Colorado from Dodge City, Kansas.  He’s a handsome fellow and is going to fit right in.  This week I would like to begin by saying how thankful I am for patience.  Without it, I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be married to my husband, I assume one of the kids would have been sold to the highest bidder and we definitely wouldn’t be making a home for a new furry friend.

I hope that as February draws to an end you are able to think back at the last few weeks and realize many of the days were filled with love.  Love from family, friends, your significant other, even strangers.  As March rolls in and we get to enjoy all the green beer and corned beef we can handle let us try and also enjoy how lucky we are.  It isn’t the luck of the Irish, it is the luck of life that sustains mankind.  The ability wake up each morning with breathe in our lungs, and with the hope of spring and warm sunshine on the horizon, take a moment each day to find a reason why you are indeed a lucky lad.  Oh and please remember to count your lucky pennies too. 

Now to the best part- follow the links, smile and find five things you love today.

Your first assignment is easy: Step 1. Get green cardstock, Step 2. Print out a few cards, Step 3. Insert pennies, Step 4. Give your creation to strangers, co workers, friends, anyone!

Next, Sock It To Me with a Chai on the side!

Then, in another life lets play dress up, just like her, sit in pretty chairs and sip tea from lovely cups .  All while looking out the window onto a beautiful piece of French countryside.

Please tell me you have something that resembles a smile on your face by now…

okay good!

Now go listen, or make that read these words.

Decide to be a reporter so you can say things like this.

Use that marketing degree to come up with clever advertising.

Not quite as red neck as say your deep fried Twinkie but looks amazing.

Are you quickly becoming a grown up and spending more time in the kitchen, actually cooking?  Remember this perfect food art helps ease the wickedness!

That is all for now lovelies.  I love you all and am so lucky to have you as friends!


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Obtain wisdom from the family dog regularly

Always remember to take a moment for oneself

Create beauty, like these chairs that got a great makeover

Pictures of love are everywhere

All of my love to you today!

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Cookie Monster

C’mon Lets Book It


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Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday January 28, 2010

Take note this is a must for next year’s Birthday

I want to relive childhood one last time

This weekend’s project is a handy dandy Notebook

Ladies Brunch & Cherry Cheese Bread

Stitch & Bitch something Cute

Summer Parties would be even better with one of these Pops




 Black & White


 It’s almost Friday loves! 

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Things I Love Thursday

Buy me Mr. French Toast to cuddle…

After a long night out in my pretty Party Dress

Have a lovely craft sort of Sunday making

Homemade Valentines &   Yummy Dinner

for the ones I love!

Make cookies for a friend who weathers the storm

Send Postcards to Random strangers to brighten their day

I can’t wait to start my “Honey” Journal too

Remember the Bright Side of things everyday

So many new things to do, so many new reasons to love you friends

Don’t forget today’s the 21st I think it should bring us all some sort of luck!


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